The Awards - Premios Verdes

When we started this initiative, 85% of environmental projects failed before the second year of life due to a lack of visibility. This fact triggered the birth of Premios Verdes. Although that figure has been improving little by little, there is still a long way to go, which is why every year, we work to ensure that no agent of change is left behind due to a lack of contacts or resources.

1st EDITION / 2013

Premios Latinomérica Verde started in 2013, within the International Environment Summit (CIMA) framework. In that first Edition, 109 companies and institutions committed to socio-environmental responsibility operating in Ecuador participated. Eversice, the number of participating projects has grown exponentially.


The Awards were designed with the support of three CORNERSTONES: the planetary boundaries described by Rocktro¨m (published by the Resilience Center of the University of Stockholm, Sweden), the 2050 agenda of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations (SDGs).


Scientists tell us, every minute, that nature is dying. We are drowning the seas, deforesting the lands, eliminating species. Specialists alert us that we must act immediately, change lifestyles, and transform people. That's what this event is all about: rewarding those individuals who are already doing it. Because those people who create opportunities, change lifestyles in their communities and improve the surroundings need to be supported, so it is easier for them, instead of more difficult.

Gustavo Manrique Miranda

Gustavo Manrique Miranda


Bianca Dager

Bianca Dager


José Javier Guarderas

José Javier Guarderas


Gustavo, Bianca and José Javier came together twenty years ago because they shared the same purpose, to make Ecuador greener, the region and of course the world. To make it come true, over the years they have led a series of programs and managed projects that have been the prelude to the dream of what today are the Green Awards. In 2013 they made the first Edition of the event a reality that has exhibited, trained, connected and awarded nearly 18,000 projects in all the world and inspired an extraordinary conscious, coherent community that feels, vibrates and works to demonstrate that together #WeAreChange.


Our first edition took place in Ecuador.

International expansion.

Edition open to projects from all over Latin America.

Growth of a community created around the Awards. Projects began to group and get to know each other at the event and generate networks.

The first investment funds are obtained, and the event begins to be streamed online.

We held the first business round; the first documentary "For a Green Latin America" was presented and Created the first expo that gave visibility to the event and the the host city.

Strengthening Program offered to all enrolled projects and a Training program for the top 500 ranking.

The pandemic had its challenges, but it did not stop Premios, which had a 100% virtual edition.

The 2021 edition combined digital transmission with a face-to-face event in Ecuador and Colombia.

Premios Verdes based in Miami and with a physical event in 4 cities and international transmission.

Our X edition in the Enchanted Islands - Galapagos, brought together hundreds of unstoppables in our sustainability week.