2022 Edition - Premios Verdes

Site City - 2022


Miami is one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in the United States. It enjoys a privileged geographic location, being at the crossroads of the Caribbean, Central America and South America, making it the epicenter of international trade between the Americas.

For years, the "Magic City" has been considered one of the high points of the American art circuit and it is emerging as a technological hub. The cultural richness and the tropical climate are distinctive features of Miami. It was awarded the title "Cleanest City in the United States" by Forbes magazine, in 2008, for its strategy to improve air quality, the implementation of large green spaces, clean drinking water and streets, and various recycling programs.

Subsite City - 2022


On the Pacific Ocean, Santiago de Guayaquil, a port city of Ecuador, is a gateway to the Pacific beaches and the Galapagos Islands. It is an attractive city that is characterized by its dynamism, organization, great urban achievements and warmth of its people. Along the Guayas River stretches the Malecón Simón Bolívar with its Hemicycle of the Rotunda. To the north is the Barrio de Las Peñas, full of colorful houses. Accessed by stairs surrounded by cafes and art galleries, Cerro Santa Ana offers views of the city and houses the Chapel of Santa Ana and a lighthouse. Cerro Santa Ana is located northeast of the city, next to Barrio Las Peñas and a few meters from the boardwalk. It’s the place where Guayaquil originated. It’s colorful and visiting it is pleasant, as you climb 456 steps, until you reach its top, where you can see the north of Guayaquil. The hill is full of cafes, bars, craft shops, etc.


Since Premios Verde's first Edition in 2013, participation has grown exponentially. 12.690 participants from 1.144 cities from 41 countries have been a part of previous editions. Evaluating these projects in depth and with the utmost rigor would not have been possible was it not for a group of experts who dedicate their time and experience to rate candidates' work each year. Premios Verdes's Jury is made up of two international divisions: The technical commission (first selection of projects) and the Annual Jury (final selection)