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Grupo Bancolombia promotes sustainable economic development to achieve people’s wellbeing. It is a Colombian financial institution, with more than 35,000 investors, of which close to 30% are pension funds worth close to 14 million Colombian Pesos. It is considered the largest private bank in the country, and one of the biggest in Latin America, with operations in Panama, El Salvador and Guatemala. Out of its 30,000 employees, 65% are women, and 54% of them have managerial positions within the organization. In 2020, Grupo Bancolombia had over 17,800,000 clients, 81% of them digital clients and 60% from the Inclusivity Segments. According to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2020, it is the most sustainable bank in the world. Bancolombia is positioned as one of the most innovative and sustainable financial groups globally.

Franco Piza

Responsible for the Sustainability Area at Bancolombia

Carolina Restrepo Gil

Project Management Specialist at Bancolombia

Diana Quintero Palacio

Sustainability Specialist at Bancolombia

María del Mar Vélez Mejía

Sustainability Specialist at Bancolombia

Santiago Montoya Tamayo

Project Management Specialist at Bancolombia

Diego Alejandro Restrepo

Environmental Engineer, Master in Environment and Development, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

María Jose Ramirez Londoño

Rural Development Manager at Bancolombia