Award Gala - Premios Verdes

Award Gala


Our magical awards gala will be held for the first time in Miami at the Knight Concert Hall at the Arsht Center. We will witness how the best socio-environmental projects in Ibero-America raise their trophies and show the world that the sustainability flag has no borders. Only together #WeAreChange.


Invitation only

City: Miami, Florida

Date: Sunday, April 24 2022

Time: 19:00 - 20:30 MIA

Place: Knight Concert Hall at the Arsht Center

Language: Spanish


Roberto Manrique


Roberto is a renowned actor who developed his television career mainly at Telemundo, working on multiple productions. His incursion into cinema as an actor and producer in the film Translúcido took him to the 2018 Goya Awards. He won the Latin Ace Award from the Screenwriters Association in New York and recently the TVyNovelas Award in the category "Favorite Supporting Actor in a Telenovela" in Colombia. Recognized as a humanitarian in socio-environmental issues and education, he founded Desafío Ecuador. This foundation built the "Escuela del Matal" and educates more than 530 children, youth and adults. Roberto actively uses his social media platforms to contribute and inspire social change and environmental development.