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Green Talks by Premios Verdes

Green Talks

Bites de inspiración con personas expertas en cuestiones ambientales urgentes. Para una audiencia global, estas sesiones serán transmitidas en streaming.


By Pablo Santaeufemia | Cofundador y Director de Bridge for Billions | España


By Yago Lange | Atleta, Miembro de Parley for the Oceans | Argentina

City: Miami, Florida

Date: Thursday, April 21 2022

Time: 11:00 - 12:00 MIA

Place: Fieldhouse at Watsco Center - University of Miami

Language: Spanish


Pablo Santaeufemia

CEO & Co-Founder of Bridge for Billions

Pablo holds two graduate degrees from Carnegie Mellon University in Technology Innovation Management and Mechanical Engineering, focusing on Engineering for Development and Social Entrepreneurship. His experiences help him develop an ethos of critical thinking, discovery, and cross-cultural understanding that has framed the life he leads, the people he’s come across, and the institutions and societies he wants to serve.

Yago Lange

Athlete, Member of Parley for the Oceans

Olympic athlete and producer of environmental projects. He has led more than 150 cleanups in Argentina, Spain, England, New Zealand, and Brazil. He is an ambassador for Eleven Hour Racing and director of Parley Argentina. He has given more than 150 educational talks in more than 50 schools and his next challenge is to get to Antarctica and work to reduce the problems that marine ecosystems are facing.