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Miami, Florida
April 2O23



Miami is one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in the United States. It enjoys a privileged geographic location, being at the crossroads of the Caribbean, Central America and South America, making it the epicenter of international trade between the Americas.

For years, the "Magic City" has been considered one of the high points of the American art circuit and it is emerging as a technological hub. The cultural richness and the tropical climate are distinctive features of Miami. It was awarded the title "Cleanest City in the United States" by Forbes magazine, in 2008, for its strategy to improve air quality, the implementation of large green spaces, clean drinking water and streets, and various recycling programs.

Miami strategic location

Miami has consolidated its position as a nexus between Latin America and Anglo-Saxon America. It is the gateway to the English-speaking and Hispanic markets of the United States for many companies from Latin America and Spain.

Miami Development / Sustainability Plan

Miami has set out to ensure the city's resilience in the face of the challenge of climate change. To do this, it has drawn up an ambitious greenhouse gas reduction plan (with two key dates: 2035 and 2050) and a comprehensive stormwater master plan.

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See Miami's complete environmental plan.

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