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Right at the center of the Colombian Coffee Axis lays Pereira, Risaralda Department’s capital city; described with many unique names, such as Otun’s Pearl, the doorless city, the night owl, the amorous brunet.

A coffee aroma spreads over this city, surrounded by green mountains and the Otún River. The protagonists of the city’s history are the women who build this young and beautiful city with strength and tenacity.



Pereira, founded 158 years ago, has over 469,000 people and a warm climate. Citizens and tourists alike can enjoy several sites and places such as Plaza Bolívar, Ukmarí Biopark, the Otún Lagoon, the Otún Quimbaya Flora and Fauna Sanctuary and the César Gaviria Trujillo Bridge, a hanging bridge connecting Pereira and the Dosquebradas municipality. Given its central location within the coffee farming region, Pereira is the Industry’s operation hub. Connecting Pereira with the rest of the country is Matecaña International airport, a new and modern airport with international flights bringing the region closer to the world and managing 70% of the air operations in the area.

City Ordinance

Pereira’s location attracts large companies and chains, generating jobs, the opportunity for economic expansion and a great outlook towards the future.

Plan for the people, a modern and intelligent city.

The City Government seeks to turn this coffee farming hub into a competitive, environmental and ecological city, where growth and development are based on the Sustainable Development Goals.