EDITION 2021 - Premios Verdes


Sustainability Week

This year the program is made up of virtual classrooms, roundtables conferences and a wrap-up gala. We have the best socio-environmental expert's knowledge and enthusiasm at just one click, completely free. We address topics from fashion or sustainable cosmetics to creativity for entrepreneurs through finance, public policy, finalists' experiences, and inspiring testimonials. We deserve a fairer, more equal, cleaner, and more durable world. We know that this change is possible, and we want you to be part of it..


Our Jury

Since Premios Verde's first edition in 2013, participation has grown exponentially. 12.690 participants from 1.144 cities from 41 countries have been a part of previous editions. Evaluating these projects in depth and with the utmost rigor would not have been possible was it not for a group of experts who dedicate their time and experience to rate candidates' work each year. Premios Verdes's Jury is made up of two international divisions: The technical commission (first selection of projects) and the Annual Jury (final selection).

Technical commission

The role of the Technical Commission, made up of 300 socio-environmental experts, is to be the first filter in the selection of candidates. It evaluates and scores all the projects registered each year, according to the following criteria: applicability, social sustainability, environmental sustainability, financial sustainability and innovation. Once the score of all participants has been determined, they are ranked, and the finalists are nominated.


This year's additional awards

Scalability Award

The projects or initiatives awarded this distinction have demonstrated rapid and consolidated growth. The judges will be looking for: Growth plan, how the business adapted to each market, implementation times, expansion benefits for the end-user, commercial and financial benefits.

People's Choice Award

This recognition is awarded to the project or initiative with the most votes cast by Premios Verdes social media channels followers during Green Week. There will be a first prize and two special mentions. All finalist projects are contenders for this award, there is no direct enrolment.

Efficacy Award

The project must have previously been a finalist in Premios Verdes to participate in this category. The awarded project must show their proposal's impact, demonstrating how the proposed objectives, at any stage, have been met.

Innovation Award

This award is given to either projects or people that defy the status quo, proposing non-traditional ideas that can escalate and invite others to participate or share. The winning project will be chosen from all the participating projects, there is no direct enrolment.